1st Spaghetti Western film festival in Tabernas

The I Festival Internacional de Cine Western de Almería is to be held between the 8th and 11th of September in Tabernas. The intention is to re-examine some of the great films that were filmed in the area, and bring together actors, filmmakers and fans.

People such as Fabio Testi, Eugenio Martin, Frank Braña, Saturno Cerra, Dan Van Husen, Antonio Pica, Antonio Ruiz, Carlos Aguilar and Nicoletta Machiavelli (Ed: never heard of them) will all turn up for the “discussion and information groups”. A total of 15 classics -all filmed locally- will be shown to the public in different events, including ‘Los cuatro del Apocalipsis’ (1975), de Lucio Fulci; ‘¡Agáchate maldito’ (1971), de Sergio Leone, ‘Un dólar agujereado’ (1966), de Giorgio Ferroni, ‘Reza al muerto y mata al vivo’ (1971), de Gisuseppe Vari, ‘Y dejaron de llamarle camposanto’ (1971), de Giuliano Carnimeo, ‘Arizona vuelve’ (1970), de Sergio Martino, y ‘Reverendo Colt’ (1971), de León Klimovsky. No, I’m not going to translate them (see this post here: Some funny Spanish film titles).

Fort Bravo is hosting a series of shows, including a performance by US pianist Dave Bourne -with can-can dancers!, UK’s Rattlesnake Kiss, and Catalonian DJ Javier Verdes.

See notices in town or call the Tabernas tourist office.

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