More on the beaches

Following on from my post about the cost of getting to the provinces beaches, I note with approval that the Ministry of the Environment has opened an investigation into the chap who’s charging 7€ a pop to motorists who want to cross his land to get to San Pedro beach in Cabo de Gata. No, wait, they’re investigating him for fixing the road. The Minister for the Environment said that “any work carried out in Continue reading More on the beaches

Macael loses public square to cover debts

A court has embargoed several plots of land owned by Macael townhall in favour of a construction company which has an outstanding bill of 2,4 million euros with the town. One of the plots of land is -ah hem- the village square. The current Mayor says that it’s all the fault of the previous administrations for letting it get so far, but admits he can’t even pay his workers, let along service this debt. The Continue reading Macael loses public square to cover debts

It’s Ramadam!

Bam a ram lam, it’s Ramadam! And time for all true adherents to the Islamic faith to stop eating for a month, poor sods. There was some writer whinging about in The Times yesterday about Ramadam being “harder” this year, as it falls in August, then when he was a kid, when it was at Christmas, sorry, December. Surely it’s not supposed to be easy? It’s a month of not eating, drinking, gambling, or having Continue reading It’s Ramadam!

1st Spaghetti Western film festival in Tabernas

The I Festival Internacional de Cine Western de Almería is to be held between the 8th and 11th of September in Tabernas. The intention is to re-examine some of the great films that were filmed in the area, and bring together actors, filmmakers and fans. People such as Fabio Testi, Eugenio Martin, Frank Braña, Saturno Cerra, Dan Van Husen, Antonio Pica, Antonio Ruiz, Carlos Aguilar and Nicoletta Machiavelli (Ed: never heard of them) will all Continue reading 1st Spaghetti Western film festival in Tabernas