Expensive, these beaches

Almería has one thing going for it in the summer – its beaches. Miles of lovely golden sand. Or so I’m told. I’ve never been a beach person, and after being savaged by a tropical jellyfish in the Thai gulf I made a vow never to go nearer the sea than the deck of a boat (or, indeed, the deck of a chiringuito, which is more my sort of scene).

Anyway, these beaches have now been turned into short term revenue generating machines by short sighted local councils, especially the Cabo de Gata ones.

In Los Muertos, Carboneras townhall is charging you three euros to park (although the Junta has said they shouldn’t).

Mónsul and Genoveses, the famous San José beaches, have limited vehicular access, and those who do get in get charged.

And now some enterprising chap who owns the land the access road to San Pedro beach runs across has decided to start charging 7€ to anyone crossing his land. No other way to get there, unless you walk. Or pay 15€ for a boat.

I’m sure it’ll keep the tourists happy and flocking back next year. 7€ to get to a beach to step in sewage and be stung by an unidentified aquatic beastie?

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  1. Pa rking for Los Muertos should be 10€ at least – at the moment it is the most dangerous bit of road between Agua Amarga and Carboneras. Cars and people all over the place. Protected and patrolled parking would benefit locals and we could use the money to pay off Cristobals debts!

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