General elections called for November 20

Power behind the throne Alfredo Rubalcaba has decided that November 20th is the right day for General Elections in Spain, and sent out his lackey Zapatero to announce his decision earlier today. Spain loves date acronyms, so make a note of 20-N (20th of November) as the latest in the list. Zapatero’s regime could have continued until late spring 2012, but he told reporters that this is the right date, as it means the new Continue reading General elections called for November 20

No more small Pringles packets!

Frankly, I don’t like Pringles, those small little crisps in the can. (Once you pop, you can’t stop!) However, someone must like them, as they seem to be everywhere. Or were… I’ve just been told by our supplier that due to a problem with the packing machine in Madrid, Spain will experience a “short period” (around three months) without the half sized packs. All the ones being sold right now are from the national strategic Continue reading No more small Pringles packets!