Tráfico now checking on your work status when they stop you…

We all know that with the current economic crisis, the government is desperate to make sure everyone who works is legal, and that fines for people caught working without contracts are increasing dramatically next month.

Well, here’s a true story that happened this morning:

One of our workers was coming into work in his uniform, when he was stopped by tráfico at a police stop in Huercal. They quickly checked his car papers and seemed about to wave him on when one of them spotted his uniform and asked if he was going to work. The copper then asked him where he worked and if he had a contract. Our lad produced his social security card and handed it over.

The copper made a quick phone call, seemed satisified, gave the hero of our story his card back and wished him a pleasent day.

Of course, all his paperwork was in order (I pay my taxes!). Makes me wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t been on contract, tho’?

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