Multilingual Attention in Mojácar Town Hall

Lenox Napier reports from the coast that:

The Mojácar Town Hall now has a new desk – ‘Atención al Residente Extranjero’ – with Francisca Brunet, who speaks English, German and French and can help residents with their small problems and concerns from 9.00am until 1.00pm daily, Mondays to Fridays.

6 Replies to “Multilingual Attention in Mojácar Town Hall”

  1. Hello can you email me a contact who I can email about the high ways please in Mojacar

  2. Ola,
    If Im going back to my country do I need to go to the Town Hall and cancel my residencia?And if yes what paper do I get from the Town Hall.
    Thank for replay.jana

  3. As I understand it, you just need to register as a resident in whichever country of the EU you’re off to. No paperwork in Spain is necessary.
    If you do want to hand in your residencia, you have to do it at the policia nacional office in Almeria, not the townhall.

  4. I would like information about doing my own tax return in the past I have not had to pay any tax but had to pay for an accountant to do this, is there a form I can fill myself on line please.
    Also can I get help as a pensioner with my basura bill or my electric bill we are finding it difficult to pay all these bills on a pension.

  5. Doing your own tax return usually costs you more than you save. As regards the other, not to the best of my knowledge.

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