Hey, we’ve got new government delegates!

Finally, 50 days after firing the provincial delegates for Tourism and Culture, President Griñán has gotten around to naming two new delegates for these jobs. Did the tourists stop coming? Did the local artists all suffer writers block and flee to pastures new? No? Guess we could have gone a bit longer saving these salaries, then.

You will remember that Griñán had a fit of pique with the previous holders of these jobs (Yolanda Callejón and Esperanza Pérez) after he appeared to accuse them of supporting a revolution in the local PSOE party and fired them both. Heh ho. Night of long knives, that sort of thing.

María Dolores Muñoz is the new provincial delegate for Tourism, Commerce & Sport, and Antonio José Lucas is the new delegate for Culture.

Fun Fact for Today: Both of these were long serving PSOE mayors who were kicked out in the last elections, and who (one presumes) expected some sort of loyalty from their party. María was mayor of Pulpí from 1999 until 2011, and Antonio was mayor of Olula del Río from 2003 to 2011. Antonio is also a published poet, which is probably why they gave him Culture. Sadly, I couldn’t find any of his poems on the web.

María also used to run the local municiapl rubbish collection authority – if she leaves tourism the way she’s left the Consorcio, we’re all stuffed.

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