AUAN call meeting to discuss illegal homes regularisation decree

From the AUAN:

We have organised an informal meeting to discuss the draft of the decree to “regularise” houses in Andalucia. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 20th of July in Macael and will be attended by some 15 people including representatives of political parties, promoters, citizens, ecologists, architects, lawyers, local functionaries, notaries, urban planners and other social agents. The meeting is not open to the public to facilitate a more informal dialogue but we will make a statement to the press at the end of the meeting (12.00 noon). Location: Headquarters of the Asociación Provincial de Empresarios del Mármol (APEM), Ctra Olula-Macael, km 1,7.

For more information:  Email:

Phone: Maura Hillen 661329919

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