Caparrós announces political comeback

Luis Caparrós – the local politician known to the Brits as “Mr Bulldozer” after he ordered the demolition of the Prior’s home in Vera – has announced his political comeback after he was fired a couple of years ago in disgrace for singlehandedly leading the areas building and real estate trade into destruction.

He’s spent the time since his firing in 2008 from the influential post as head honcho for Building and Public Works in Almería back in his hometown of Partaloa, plotting his revenge from his mountain fortress.

And he’s now stepped back into the limelight after he threw his hat into the ring to become the new provincial secretary-general of the PSOE party.

The PSOE imploded in the province after the disastrous municipal elections, with over half the committee quitting in fury at infighting and meddling from Griñán, the President of Andalucia. They’ve been looking for a new leader ever since.

La Voz, our local Pravda and insider into The Party, is hinting that Caparrós is leading the field ahead of party elections on the 16th. He’s standing against two other candidates – Juan Antonio Segura Vizcaíno and José Luis Sánchez Teruel- but seems to be the bookies favourite.This is evidenced that he’s been in the paper for three days running, and today has a whole page dedicated to his “vision”, against the other two who are barely mentioned at all.

Part of his vision to lead the PSOE to electoral success in the national elections next year are a period of “autocriticism” (shudders of the worst excess of Pol Pot there), a new structure with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of new committees, and a “new vision of participative socialism, redefined from the basis of charity, society “…. oh, I can’t be bothered to go on with this crap.

He’s still sporting his trademark 1960’s bushy moustache, but seems to have lost a few kilos. Must be all the walking up and down in the garden of his luxury cortijo.

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