Caparrós announces political comeback

Luis Caparrós – the local politician known to the Brits as “Mr Bulldozer” after he ordered the demolition of the Prior’s home in Vera – has announced his political comeback after he was fired a couple of years ago in disgrace for singlehandedly leading the areas building and real estate trade into destruction. He’s spent the time since his firing in 2008 from the influential post as head honcho for Building and Public Works in Continue reading Caparrós announces political comeback

Discussion about the flies on Spectrum today

Anyone in the Levante will know that  the flies this year are atrocious. Children playing in the street look like they’re from plague ridden Africa, as, fly covered, they play with stones in the potholes. Their Facebook page says: Spectrum Almeria The person we are interviewing tomorrow that the sewerage plant in Vera is selling the waste to farmers and it is not being stored or used on the land correctly i.e. not being ploughed Continue reading Discussion about the flies on Spectrum today