SGAE raided for corruption and fraud

The SGAE is well known as the b*stards who collect money for copyright usage in Spain. Some of their merits:

-Closing down school plays because they demand money for the music performed

-Stopping fiestas because of the copyright of the music

-Visiting all bars in the land and demanding money for the music played there, with a zeal that would make ETA “revenue collectors” look like pansies.

-Increasing the cost of all music players, blank CD’s, and anything that could possibly be used to play, record or copy music, by imposing their own tax on them.

Well, you know all about them.

Turns out that they’ve been pinching the cash, instead of distributing it to the needy artists. Their headquaters have been raided by the AntiCorruption office, and their President, Teddy Bautista, has been “invited” to pop in for a chat down the local nick. Fun!

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