Party at the gates of the SGAE

A group of indignados are having a party outside the doors of the SGAE offices in Madrid, I’m told, in celebration. No doubt the booze is being supplied free by local barowners, who have as much reason as anyone to celebrate.

The chant is teddy, chorizo, ya ha llegado su San Benito… Teddy, you crook, your San Benito [day of reckoning] has come.

I feel a bit like the peasent underling who has just been told that the handsome knight has done for the evil landowner!

El Mundo reckons as much as 400 million may have been “borrowed” by Teddy Bautista and his cronies. Meanwhile, Teddy has been offered a free weekend in the local state B&B, and a “large number” of personal bank accounts have been embargoed by the court.

The investigation, meanwhile, was started by the then-famous crusading Judge Baltasar Garzón (now sadly kicked out by the PSOE, who don’t like interfering judges).


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