Mojacar elections results approved by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Andalucia (TSJA) has approved the results of the Mojacar elections, and return Rosa Mari to power.

The Court approved the decision of the Junta Electoral del Zona (JEZ) that the scrutiny of the votes was “correct in the essentials” after a recount shuffled some of the councillors around, and added that the fact that there may have been initial errors in the counting did not mean the final result was changed. The Court added that the complaint received from opposition parties may have raised doubts about the authenticity of the votes, but that no major doubts were raised that the counting was correct. The evidence presented, it concluded, did not cause the TSJA to believe that electoral fraud may have been committed, as it was limited “to supposition [..] and hearsay”.

And in Carboneras, the electoral results were also approved, despite 57 voting forms having been returned with the names of the party voted for in a larger typefont than the rest. The TSJA said that the fact that a “possible printing error” had caused one party to have a larger typefont than another “should not be sufficient to sway a voter into casting their vote for that party” and ruled that the printing error was still within the limits of acceptability.

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