How much do our towns owe the banks?

An interesting bit in La Voz (yes, it was from last week, I’ve been busy) showing how much different towns owe the banks.

Remember, these are the official figures. They don’t take into account things like owing to suppliers and other outstanding bills. Purely the total of loans extended by banks. So if we look at, for example, Turre, you will see it currently owes the banks 4,550,000€, but Arturo Grima, the new Mayor, reckons that adding up all the outstanding bills, the figure is touching 7 million euros.

And if the population of Turre is 3453 (in 2008) that means they owe the banks: 1317.69€ each. Or on the 7 million figure: 2027.22€ per head is needed to clear the debts. Hmm.

Click the image for a larger view. Zurgena, which I have just noticed has been obscured by the watermark, owes 284.000€.

In total, the 102 municipalities across Almería owe a whopping 361 million euros to the banks, and Almería is the Spanish province which most increased its municipal debt in 2010.

Towns that ended 2010 with a deficit greater than 5.53% of their income must present a recovery plan to the government : but seeing as to how only 25 towns have bothered to approve the budget for 2011, this isn’t being taken too seriously.

The Diputación (think County Council) has, by the way, confirmed it owes a further 95.8 million to the banks, 20 million more than in 2009. This is the lowest amount owed by any Diputacuión in Andalucia, however.

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