Illegal homes draft law to be published this summer

The chappie in charge of the Housing and Planning in Almeria for the Junta, José Manuel Ortiz Bono, let slip during a Cadena Ser radio interview yesterday that a draft law legalising illegal homes in the province is likely to be published in a consultation form this summer.

José said that the law will expect the “the builders or purchasers” who must pay the costs of urbanising their plots of land, and added that “there are citizens who built their homes with the normal permits…. and other citizens who, either because they wanted to do it that way, or were conned by the promotor, find themselves with an illegal house”.

“We will show those who built illegal homes that they must pay the same costs and for the same services as those who complied with the law” he promised.

Translation: if you’re living in an illegal home, sometime early next year you are going to get one hell of a bill for “urbanisation”. And don’t expect the chap who flogged you that home to pick up the tab.

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