Bingo cancellations throughout the Levante

After the rumour that a bar in Las Bouganvillas (Vera Playa) was fined 8,000€ for a game of bingo, there has been a flurry of cancelations from bars who used to have bingo nights. Blue Lagoon, El Naranjo, Rolys, all have canceled their bingo this week.

Of course, Bingo in Spain is heavily regulated – the cards have to be officially printed (a tax), all the moneys have to be registered (a tax), the central bingo calling machine must be connected to a central government computer (another tax), etc.

And we all know that a few Brit Bars which advertised Bingo too heavily got a visit from the coppers warning them that it was illegal. But -to my knowledge- it was always the threat of a fine if they carried on, nobody actually got done around here.

BUt there are some things about this “raid” on Vera Playa that has me suspicious.

First of all, the internet is very quiet about this. Nobody actually seems to have been present at the raid, although everybody knows all about the raid.

Secondly, lots of people seem to know a lot about the raid, but again, nobody was there, or directly knew anyone who was there.

Thirdly, the coppers were supposed to have been plain clothes officers who started playing before showing their badges, closing down the game and confiscating all the money, as well as imposing the fine.

Which makes me wonder: was this an official raid, or did two bright sparks with a fake ID make off with the nights takings from some unsuspecting Brit bar?

Let me know if you have anything to add! I’m intrigued!

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