Bingo cancellations throughout the Levante

After the rumour that a bar in Las Bouganvillas (Vera Playa) was fined 8,000€ for a game of bingo, there has been a flurry of cancelations from bars who used to have bingo nights. Blue Lagoon, El Naranjo, Rolys, all have canceled their bingo this week. Of course, Bingo in Spain is heavily regulated – the cards have to be officially printed (a tax), all the moneys have to be registered (a tax), the central Continue reading Bingo cancellations throughout the Levante

Far too hot today

It’s the first hot day of the summer today, with temperatures hovering around the 40ºC mark. So let’s get in the summer mood with that traditional Spanish summer song that was once obligatory to blare out of the car radio on the way down to the beach Hace Calor (Mucho Mejor) – Los Rodriguez