Work restarts on Albox motorway

Hey, they found some more money!

Work has restarted, after a hiatus of two months, on the Albox – La Cucador stretch of the Almanzora motorway, after the Junta found some cash to pay the contractors. The contractors, not being in the mood to work for free, had stopped work two months ago after the Junta missed a payment deadline. Not for the first time, either – check the archives of this blog for the many stoppages.

It has now been confirmed that the projected opening date for the Almanzora motorway will be missed, due to the many delays.

You will remember that the bankrupt Junta has been asking companies to stump up the cash to build the motorway in exchange for gold plated 25 year “maintainence” contracts, in a “private-public partnership” that will, in the words of the President of Andalucia “usher in an exciting new financial concept to allow us to continue investing in Andalucia” – in my words, “cost the tax payer a dozen times more to build that damn road than if we just stumped up the cash in the first place”.

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