Arriba Arriba calls it a day

Arriba-Arriba, the well known local duo, have decided to call it a day. Here’s the press release:
These will be Arriba Arriba’s last-ever public gigs. After 3 years    of performing, it is 100% Ellen’s decision to quit and go solo, and    I wish her every success.

Thankyou to every single one of you who have supported our act over    the years. I’m so sorry that so many of you have been clearly very    upset and even disbelieving at Ellen’s decision. I’m also really    sorry we never got around to recording more songs to leave as a    memento of what I thought was a great act. We tried to give our    audiences something special as a contrast to the many, many acts    singing along to karaoke backing tracks.

I had thought I’d have to play more solo gigs when Ellen’s decision    came out of the blue, but no less than three professional performers    who I’ve never worked with have approached me in the past few days,    so I can say this for sure – expect the unexpected from the    highlandboogieman…. I’ll be away in the UK during July, but you’ll    see me for sure before long.

So, sadly Arriba Arriba have only two more gigs to offer. I’m up for    making these memorable for our fans, so please come and help us go    out with a bang. If you’d like us to play a favourite song or a    dedication at one of our gigs, just send an email to    and we’ll do our best to oblige.

Finally, many thanks to Harvey Defriend for all his help with our    PR. Harvey raised our profile just as he promised he would, and he    told us very firmly that he would only do it on condition that we    accepted him as the third member of Arriba Arriba. We were happy to    accede to his request and Harvey has worked tirelessly on our    behalf. He’s now working tirelessly on his second annual “GIG IN      THE PARQUE” in Vera on Friday 15 July from 8pm when literally    dozens of performers (including Ellen Turner) will be entertaining    in aid of local charities. Vera town hall have given this event    their support, and it looks like being the biggest gig of the year,    so PLEASE put this date 15 JULY in your diary. If you’d like further    information, just send us an email.

Sunday 19 June from 2pm – ARRIBA            ARRIBA & FRIENDS AT BAR LA MONTANA
We’ve not played at Bar la Montana since last October, so it will be    great to be back to host the monthly jam. All our musician friends    are welcome. Jim’s piano is at the disposal of anyone who needs it,    as are his fingers. We’ll perform a set to kick off the proceedings,    then offer slots to anyone who wants to perform.  At the end we hope    everyone will be up jamming with us. As always, food and snacks will    be available.
To book at table, call Mat & Carol on 670 589 788.

Saturday 25 June fom 8pm – HOLE IN            ONE AT VALLE DEL ESTE
In April we played a gig at the Hole in One Venues Bar at the    commercial centre at Valle del Este golf resort – it was the first    time they’ve ever had live entertainment. We had them dancing in any    available spot, and it was great fun. We’ve been invited back, and    this time we’re going to finish up with our Abba set – nearly an    hour of all the best songs from the “Mamma Mia” movie.  The food    here is good pub grub at very reasonable prices. To book a table,    phone 950 461 068.

See you soon and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL !!

Jim Mackie

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