Juan Enciso quits politics

Juan Enciso, ex-mayor of El Ejido, who lost (big-time) in the municipal elections to the PP, has said he will not take up his position in the townhall as an opposition councillor, and is stepping down from local politics in order to allow the next generation a chance. He is assumed to be expecting to spend some time thinking about his defense on his charges of participating in the theft of 150 million euros from Continue reading Juan Enciso quits politics

Local boy in El Pais for his iphone app

My old buddy Albert Meco (whose parents own the Meson Meko restaurant in Turre) has been profiled in El País about a new iPhone app he’s developed to allow on-the-fly retouching of photos. Read it here. “Effectorium” (expected to be released later this month on the iPhone / iPad market) allows people to apply effects, retouch and tune photos before taking the photo.