Overcharged in a bar because you aren’t not a local?

Someone sent me this link from arboleas.co.uk and asked my opinion on it.

The poster claims that:

Been in the Albachez bar in Arboleas tonight, be on your guard as there is one price for the Brits and one price for the spanish!! will not be going there again!!
To which I reply, and the following is only for Andalucia:
If in doubt, look on the wall for the official price list. They can only charge you the price that’s on the wall.
Bars and restaurants can charge whatever they want for their products. However, they must inform you of the price before you order.
All establishments in Andalucia are obliged to display, in a clear and readable location (usually on the wall) a complete price list for drinks. This price list will also detail any additional charges (ie, additional costs for serving drinks on the terrace, or after 10 at night, or whatever). All prices must include IVA and taxes.
For food, before you order you should be presented with a menu with prices. All menus must have prices clearly marked next to the product. The price you see is the price you pay. Any additional service charges should be marked on every page.
Restaurants are obliged to issue you with an invoice (factura) which lists all charges in a clear and legible fashion. Bars are only obliged to give you a ticket with a total.
So yes, your local can charge you extra for sitting outside, or for drinking past 10pm. But it must clearly say so on the price list (lista de precios).
If the bar charges you more than you think they should, based on their price list; if they don’t have a price list; or there is no mention of extra prices for special services:
you are still obliged to pay the bill, according to the marked prices but ask for a factura and fill out the complaints sheet. If the owner is “overcharging your because you are a tourist” he (or she) is most likely to argue, then come to a face saving solution of “just pay 50% and call it quits”. If still not happy, fill out the complaints sheet and ask for a decision by the local trading standards authority.

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