A trip on Easyjet

I have often said that Monarch is the only airline for me. I have often joked about Ryanair, and even gleefully published on this blog bad news reports about the cheaper airlines. However, Monarch doesn’t fly to Glasgow. From Spain, Easyjet flies to Glasgow. From Alicante. So, I was stuck between taking the direct flight, or flying into London and then taking the overnight train. Now, both have advantadges. The only time I have slept Continue reading A trip on Easyjet

A treat for the Hebrides

I’ve decided to give the inhabitants of the western isles a treat. All the way from Southern Spain – a sassenech who isn’t too smelly from not having enough clothes. Yes, the prognostics have proven correct, and the rucksack, upon investigation, proved incapable of holding more than two pairs of trousers, two t-shirts, three pairs of pants and 10 pairs of socks. I shudder to think of the condition of those clothes by day six Continue reading A treat for the Hebrides