The Lamb at Nettlesham (Tales from the Saigh Valley)

Local author Kevill Davies, who lives in Mojacar, has just announced the publication of his latest novel “The Lamb at Nettlesham (Tales from the Saigh Valley)“.

Sometimes tragic, often comic, this story from the beautiful Saigh Valley draws on some of the author’s experiences as a publican and hotel keeper in over twenty-five years in the trade.

The story’s main characters, Jackie Meadows, a sex obsessed woman and Henry Bagshot her football mad childhood sweetheart, marry for convenience, seperate through necessity and follow different paths to find true love and happiness.

Following Jackie’s disastrous attempt to make money by selling Henry’s body as an ‘escort’, she turns her attention to running a pub. The ‘Lamb’, a beautiful country inn seems ideal until the brewery later decides that it sells insufficient beer to be included in their tenanted estate. Unbeknown to her husband, Jackie buys the ‘Lamb’ with the help of an admirer, whilst the brewery moves the couple to a town pub, the ‘George’.
The two venues now reflect the different ambitions of the couple. The up-market ‘Lamb’ now compliments Jackie’s desire for a life of riches as she turns the inn into a brothel catering for a very wealthy clientele, whilst Henry is left to run the more mundane and working class ‘George’.

The contrast is vividly demonstrated one year at Royal Ascot as Henry’s pub outing consume a finger buffet in the centre of the course, whilst Jackie enjoys the luxury and privelege of a private box in Tattersalls as a guest of a Middle-Eastern potentate.

It is not long before the couple have to confront their incompatability and seek their own fortunes. Henry finds comfort in an old friend who works for his wife at the ‘Lamb’ whilst Jackie coincidentally discovers love for the first time with the Master of Foxhounds and that wealth and money aren’t everything.

Following a disastrous night at Prince Faisals luxury residence, Jackie learns that her new friends are involved with the illegal importation of drugs, people, pornography and weapons and are ruthless in keeping their activities a secret.

An investigation by New Scotland Yard into the abduction of the Minister of State for Transport leads them to the ‘Lamb’ and Jackie’s life is suddenly imperilled as the gang suspect her treachery. In a thrilling climax, the criminal gang’s plans begin to unravel as Jackie seeks her revenge against the Prince.

Novel length: 122,000 words.

Kevill warns that the novel contains some swear words and scenes of a sexual nature.



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