Juan Enciso, accused of stealing 150 million euros, likely to continue being mayor of El Ejido

Despite being on trial as one of the ringleaders of a criminal gang who stole over 150 million euros from town hall coffers, by paying inflated invoices to companies he owned, Juan Enciso is likely to continue being the mayor of El Ejido.

An independent door-to-door survey says he will get 12 councillors in the (now bankrupt) town.

Juan Enciso said that he hoped his opponents would play “a fair game” and not stoop to “barbourous accusations”. He added that if anyone was going to bring disrepute to the elections in El Ejido, it would not be his party, PAL.

On the same subject, the leader of the PP party in El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, is the subject of an investigation by the anticorruption prosecutor over claims that he misused confidential information from a 2000 zoning plan to buy up rustic lands that he knew would become urbanisable in the future. He is said to have netted 1,2 million euros from this. Francisco denies the claims, saying that it is a purely political move to discredit him before the elections, and has said that once the Anticorruption prosecutor finishes its investigation “and clears me” he will sue the people who put the denuncia in. Make up your own minds on that one…

Actually, I see in the La Voz that Góngora, who appears to be a fresh faced chap, has a full page ad in the paper promising that he has signed his election promises in front of a notary. More info on www.ppelejido.com


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