What a lot of paperwork


is just one of the reasons why I’ve been a bit quiet recently on the old blogging front.

Wondering what it is?

It’s our staff risk evaluation and training policy, as provided by the kind people at our insurance company “Ibermutuamur”. An obligatory set of rules, procedures, analysis and informational evalutation techniques set out by the Junta and the Government.

Here it is all piled up. Well over a thousand sheets of paper, I reckon.

And this is our data protection policy folder. Again, over two hundred and fifty sheets of paper went into the making of this utterly useless document:

Remember, I’ve got to read and remember all of this stuff. Sitting down with Jose Angel (from the mutua) this morning, I signed my name on over 50 pieces of paper.

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on all this, but I will ask this: Whatever happened to the good old happy go luck, come as you are Spain?

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