Cats infesting local prison

Workers at El Acebuche, our local prison, have complained via the union UGT about the “infestation” of cats at the facility.

It seems that up to 80 stray cats are living in and around the building, mainly wild. Prisoners do tend to drop them scraps, but they are creating a major hygiene problem, as well as keeping people awake at night with their yowling, mating and general nocturnal activities.

UGT have said that it would cost about 8,000E to capture, sterilise and release the cats, which they said would be a “humane European solution” to the problem. UGT added that 8,000€ is “nothing” for the Administration compared to the annual problem of the cats.

Or, seeing as to how there are quite a few people in there who know their way around a gun, maybe some sort of competition to keep the inmates happy could be arranged….? Joking!

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