Cats infesting local prison

Workers at El Acebuche, our local prison, have complained via the union UGT about the “infestation” of cats at the facility. It seems that up to 80 stray cats are living in and around the building, mainly wild. Prisoners do tend to drop them scraps, but they are creating a major hygiene problem, as well as keeping people awake at night with their yowling, mating and general nocturnal activities. UGT have said that it would Continue reading Cats infesting local prison

Spain gets serious about tackling the “black economy” – naaaah

Spain, which is under intense pressure from the financial markets and the EU to deal with the “black economy”, has finally announced the specifics of a new plan to combat tax evaders. Remember, the “black economy”, which consists of not declaring income, tax evasion, not signing workers onto the social and the like, accounts, according to some economists, of up to 25% of Spain’s GNP. The plan consists of giving the tax office (Hacienda) more Continue reading Spain gets serious about tackling the “black economy” – naaaah