Ruta de Tapas de Mojacar 2011

The Mojacar Tapas Route 2011 group have setup an official website at The RUTA DE TAPAS POR MOJACAR 2011 will commence from Friday 24th June through to Sunday 17th July 2011 with a launch party to be held at Hotel/Bar/Cafe Marazul, Mojacar Playa on Friday 24th June – there will be restricted numbers to the opening event. Each of the participating bars and restaurants will be supplying tapas for the evening event. At the Continue reading Ruta de Tapas de Mojacar 2011

Overcharged in a bar because you aren’t not a local?

Someone sent me this link from and asked my opinion on it. The poster claims that: Been in the Albachez bar in Arboleas tonight, be on your guard as there is one price for the Brits and one price for the spanish!! will not be going there again!! To which I reply, and the following is only for Andalucia: If in doubt, look on the wall for the official price list. They can only Continue reading Overcharged in a bar because you aren’t not a local?

Driving in the Outer Hebrides

Today I discovered that you can’t brake on a cattle grid. The discovery was made as I approached the aforementioned cattle grid at a decent speed in the nippy Ford some poor fellow had rented me. On the otherside of the grid was an oncoming car, which had considerately stopped to allow me past, as it was a one-car-at-a-time job. As I happily jabbed the brakes, the Ford obediently slowed, hit the wet cattle grid, Continue reading Driving in the Outer Hebrides

Jessica Simpson (Mojacar se mueve) in El Mundo about PP vote-stuffing allegations

Jessica Simpson from Mojacar se Mueve is in “El Mundo” talking about demands for an investigation into the massive postal support for the PP party in the municipal elections. Out of the nine parties involved in the elections, eight have now joined the demand for an investigation. The PP says that no investigation is needed and that it’s all sour grapes. The PP (Rosmari) won an absolute majority, in part, thanks to quite a few Continue reading Jessica Simpson (Mojacar se mueve) in El Mundo about PP vote-stuffing allegations

ACEM information meeting

ACEM (remember them? Walt Disney enthusiasts?) has called a general informational meeting for the 6th. Here’s the press release from Patricia Weston: ———— There will be a meeting in Arriba for al your businesses out there. We will be explaining all about ACEM and what we are about. It is only 6 euros a month 72 euros a year and for this you get a team of people to help you if you have any Continue reading ACEM information meeting

Election results, eh?

And so I return to our sunny shores to find a seismic shift in the local power has taken place whilst I was away. The usual allegations of postal fraud, ballot box stuffing and vote buying can now commence. Let’s see… quick roundup of Sunday’s municipal election results? Mojacar: Rosmari has returned to power, with an absolute majority (6 councillors). UM10 got 3, PSOE 2, MPSM 1, MPM 1. The rest, including Angel Medina, are Continue reading Election results, eh?

Barra, Outer Hebrides

Choosing your holiday destination based on the type of airport you arrive at may not seem like the most sensible option. But to my logic, it made perfect sense. You see, unless I wanted to waste two days on a ferry (from Oban on the Scottish mainland to Lochboisdale on South Uist takes five hours on the ferry) I’d have to fly in. And on Barra, you land on a beach. Now, this takes some Continue reading Barra, Outer Hebrides

A trip on Easyjet

I have often said that Monarch is the only airline for me. I have often joked about Ryanair, and even gleefully published on this blog bad news reports about the cheaper airlines. However, Monarch doesn’t fly to Glasgow. From Spain, Easyjet flies to Glasgow. From Alicante. So, I was stuck between taking the direct flight, or flying into London and then taking the overnight train. Now, both have advantadges. The only time I have slept Continue reading A trip on Easyjet