Albox motorway works stop AGAIN due to lack of cash

Local paper Ideal says that the reason work has again stopped on the Albox motorway is because the Junta has a cash flow problem and is “revising” payment dates. (story in Spanish)

7,9 kim of the motorway, between Albox and Fines, are open, and the rest of the motorway, which will one day link Huercal Overa with Baza, is still under construction.

The chap who signs the cheques for road building at the Junta, Pedro Rodríguez Armenteros, has been quoted as saying that a revised payment plan is being discussed with the constructors and that work will recommence shortly.

The construction workers were told to go home before Easter after the Junta missed a payment deadline.

You may remember that after the Junta ran out of cash last year, they came up with the novel solution of asking private companies to finance the road in exchange for gold plated (and no doubt veeeeery lucrative) maintainence contracts for the next 40 years. This “private-public partnership” was lauded by the Junta as a marvellous solution to a problem they caused themselves, and denounced by everyone else as a huge sink hold for public cash.

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