Tired, bored, stressed and in need of a holiday

All of these are adjectives recently used to describe me (by myself, admittedly).

I shan’t repeat what the GF had to say about me when I tried to play the sympathy card, but I stick to my guns.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I’ve decided I deserve a few days away in a nice relaxing spot to unwind. The GF can’t come with me, (I shall be taking her away in June, don’t worry, she’s not forgotten!) so I shall be on my own.

Now, the question is, where does a stressed young lad on his own go for a relaxing holiday away from the rat race that is life in the Levante?

Do I stay in Spain, pestering half forgotten friends and distant in-laws with my charming and friendly presence? Should I visit Lorca? Madrid? Barcelona? Marbella?

Maybe a cultural thing. Paris? London? Berlin? All within easy access thanks to the miracle of low cost airlines.

Burn on a beach? Hop over the Med into the hotpot that is North Africa and see if I can help stir things up even more? Catch the last of the ski season?

Nah. Instead, I’ve decided upon the outer Hebrides, puffin watching.

I’m off to Granada this afternoon, so I shall pop into El Corte Inglés to buy a rucksack and see if they have any otter repellent.

Watch this space, as I plan to document my travels via the miracle that is the internet to an alarming degree. Bill Bryson, eat your heart out…

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