Naming your child after your cat?

From The Times:

Tom Freddie Sweeney-Clements was born on February 27, 2011, at the Queen’s Hospital in Romford to Alison, 30, and Ray Sweeney-Clements, 26

Tom is a first child for Alison and Ray, who were featured on the Marriages and Engagements page on April 17, 2010. The couple, who met at an RSPCA sanctuary, decided to name their child after their love of felines: Tom, as in Tom Cat, and Freddie is the name of their favourite cat (they have five).

Alison, who is 5ft 2in, was surprised when her son was born weighing 9lb. “I craved sweet foods when I was pregnant, biscuits in particular, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” Although he is only six weeks old, Tom is already in clothing for 3-month-old babies. “The newborn clothes never fitted,” adds Alison.

“The charity shop did very well.”

Well done Freddie the cat. Wonder what Freddie the child will think in twenty years time when the parents tell his fiancee why he’s called Freddie?

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