More on the Almanzora Aerodrome

I spoke yesterday about the Almanzora Aerodrome, which has been added to the “wishlist” of features for the Almanzora in the new POTAL (see The Almanzora wants an airport).

Anyway, I discovered today that there is a lobby group for this aerodrome, in the shape of the Asociacion de Empresarios de Albox (AEPA), and it’s spokesman Fernando López (well known as the owner of local builders New Villas amongst other things), together with the Mayor of Serón.

These local enthusiasts have identified the spot for the aerodrome (behind the Albox industrial estate) and have been drawing up plans.

According to these chappies, the initial outlay would not be great, and the single biggest obstacle would be the permits and adhering the European network of Aerodromes.

A single runway of 700m (20m wide) would be built, along with a hanger, a shack with a radio in (control tower) and a meteorological analysis & visual indicator centre (a windsock).

Put up a couple of signs and off we go.

Local worthies have pointed out that the aerodrome would be useful in the case of forest fires, as it would be a temporary base for aerial firefighers to refuel from.

The idea is that local flights to nearby airports could be organised in order to bring tourists in and out, as well as a local flying club and other fun ideas.

The Mancomunidad del Almanzora has also given tentative backing to the idea.

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