More details about the Vera AVE station published

We learn today that new AVE high speed train station in Vera will occupy a plot of 1,000 m2, have parking for 100 cars (plus reserved space to expand to 200 if demand warrants), and will have two 400m platforms, for north and south bound trains.

It will also be built to something called “Manual Estación Sostenible 360º”, an ecologically correct way of building and running a train station published by ADIF, the railways operators. Hmm.

Now we sit back and watch the fight start over what we call the damn thing.

Vera has proposed that it be called “Vera-Levante”, whilst other mayors nearby say it should just be called “Levante”. Meanwhile, the mayors of the Almanzora have got in on the act and have written a letter demanding it be called “Almanzora-Levante”….

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