ACEM wasting money on some bloody nonsense

From La Voz:

Karin Schröter [President of Mojacar business association ACEM] has announced that her collective has contracted Lorca artist Lola Fernández Arcas to make a statue of Walt Disney which will be donated to the town of Mojácar, where she believes he could have been born.

So, the Mojácar business association really does have absolutely no idea what to do other than waste money on this crap. We continue in this ridiculous vein in the hope that “the white man with the lotta money from the rich west” will be duped into coming here to look at a statute that will be, no doubt, quietly placed in some out of the way place by the townhall.

Instead of concentrating on anything substantial, we have to listen to this fantasy, invented and propagated by expats from the 60’s who overindulged in the excesses of the decade, that Walt Disney was born in Mojácar but smuggled to rich relatives in Chicago to have a better life. debunks the Walt Disney born in Mojacar malarky so much better than I ever could.

At least when Almería townhall put up a statue to John Lennon they had proof that he once spent a couple of nights in the town (even if he didn’t write strawberry fields there and didn’t particularly care for the dump).

By continuing in this vein, we not only look like bloody idiots, but also desperate bloody idiots.


What are the hopes of ACEM for this? That busloads of tourists (Matt Lucas’s Disney obsessed tourist in Come fly with me comes to mind) will, upon hearing of the news, scream “Stuff the Alhambra! Turn around! We must go to Mojácar!” There to fill up in the local souvenir shops.

And afterwards they can go to the nursery off the main square in Turre which has a load of Disney characters painted on the entrance wall. “This is where Disney once whizzed against the wall during the local fiesta” our friendly tour guide Diego will tell the credulous, sun burnt mobile cash dispensers who hang on to his every word and take photos of everything. And who may toss the peasent barefooted children in the square a sweet or a shiny new goddam honest to God US cent.

Hey, if we dupe enough people maybe the Walt Disney Corporation will build a new Disneyland here!

If we continue with this quality of idea, no doubt, once the AVE arrives, ACEM will have us all running alongside with fruit and bottles of water, a la India, in the hope of increasing sales to rich tourists as they fly by to somewhere nicer (like Vera Playa).

I mean, the cost will be high and the returns nil. If you’re going to have a whip round for this nonsense, have a whip round for some thing concrete and useful. Like a gun to shoot all the stray dogs roaming the place. Or at least an elderly man with a shovel to pick up their remains, rather than leaving them to rot in the sun.

Or do what Motril did last year, have a whip round and get a famous group liked by your target generation to come and play in the town.

Still, it beats working I suppose, and the cost (no idea. 10k? 20k? How much is a marble statue? Townhalls always seem to spend between 20 and 50k on them – I seem to remember Karen saying she wanted to spend 8k on it, but I don’t know the final price) is probably tax deductible for someone. And it makes ACEM look as if it is doing something other than be a front for the local elections.

Here, in just 20 seconds, is an idea that’s better – a beautification project. Get local businesses to “sponsor” or look after the patch in front of the business. Maybe give a small ACEM prize to the business with the nicest patch. Or is that too much work, ACEM?

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  1. Says in the paper that ACEM is looking for people to pay 500€ each and then they get their name on it!

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