War in Libya is becoming personal

There are many reasons to cheer for, and oppose, the Western War on Libya. I shall not enter into them, at least tonight, in a brevity that shall surprise many of my loyal readers. Instead, I shall touch upon how the War in Libya has become quite personal for me, in a way that is affecting my personal life. It seems that the the Levante of Almería is in a direct line between the US Continue reading War in Libya is becoming personal

AUAN meeting with the Junta

As the Junta clears it’s pre-election decks for battle, in the process legalising tens of thousands of homes across the region and making the owners pay for the priviledge (a scenario I predicted two years ago would happen… pat pat!), AUAN continues with the fight in order to prevent home-owners missold illegal homes from having to pay extra thousands of euros in new taxes. A press release: AUAN informs you that its President, Maura Hillen, Continue reading AUAN meeting with the Junta