Save PAWS campaign launched

IN a  good idea, Don from Super Savers has launched – according to Spectrum FM- a “save PAWS” campaign, in which people can sign up to donate x amount of euros a month to PAWS over the next 6 months.

50€ a month is suggested.

Remember, as PAWS is a registered charity, so if you’re a person the money is tax deductible (not, of course, if you are a company). Pop into Supersavers for more information.

Of course, this does make me wonder why the British population in the area is obliged to support an animal shelter that the regional government is supposed to be paying for.

Townhalls are obliged to take stray animals, so the single best way to save PAWS is to arrange for each local townhall to receive, say, 20 stray animals per day from local citizens, over the course of a week, then for PAWS to negotiate a contract for the municipal pound…?

4 Replies to “Save PAWS campaign launched”

  1. In fact, we’ve all donated pretty lavishly over the years to PAWS – often (usually) at the expense of more, ahh, human-related charities.
    So, what happened to all those donations. How can they say they’ve gone bust?

  2. I’m sorry, but for me the ‘Human’ charities are far more deserving. My money goes to MACS – Asprodalba every time. The strays should be rounded up and humanely euthanised. And as for the lunatics (usually Brits) who feed the stray cats, thus increasing the problem – words fail me!

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