Albox motorway NOT stopped, insists Junta (Garrucha’s has)

A group of sub-contractors came out on Wednesday and said that there were owed a lot of money by companies building the Almanzora motorway, but that they couldn’t be paid because the Junta had, again, stopped the works on some of the stretches, at least until it finds some more petty cash.

The sub-contractors said that they were having to lay off workers as a result of not being paid invoices on time, as the Junta had refused to pay them.

The Junta has now come out and denied that there is any policy of stopping parts of the Almanzora motorway works, and insists that all is as normal. Bills are being paid as stages in work is completed, and the Junta denies that it has ordered any contractors to stop work on any phase.

However, it has admitted that work on the dual carriageway under constructions between Vera and Garrucha has halted, “pending further geo-technical surveys and resolution of certain technical issues………..” etc. In short, until some more cash turns up, explain the workers on the road. These particular claims have not, I notice, been denied. No date has been given for when work on this bit of road will start again, and no news on whether it will be open for the summer season, as hoped two years ago. So we can look forwards to another summer of chaos on the A1200.

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