Not even David Cameron thinks ZP’s right over 110 kph limit

Yesterday, in a press conference in Qatar, Zapatero said he was unable to understand how anyone could criticise the new 110 kph max speed limit and furthermore, the “most advanced nations in Europe, such as Great Britain” had similar speed limits. (his words). Earlier in the day, his minister of development, Pepe Blanco, said that anyone criticising the measure needed their heads examined, and called the PP party “frikis” for even doubting ZP for a second on this.

Leaving aside his flattery, and it’s nice to know he thinks the UK is the most advanced nation in Europe, both I and the Spanish media have found it most funny that the UK has opened a commission to study rising the UK speed limit.

The UK government has said that it believes the current low speed limit is holding back economic development, and that there is no reason, with modern efficient cars, the max speed limit on proper roads should not be 80 or 85 (about 128 kph). The current speed limit, dating from 1967, is outdated, inefficient and obsolete, according to researchers and automobile associations.

So, yeah, Zapatero, you’re an idiot.

My personal theory is that Rubalcaba made the announcement, either whilst drunk or on a dare, and now everyone is running about too scared to admit it, as he’s the only hope the PSOE currently have in the polls.

Talking of which: the PP in Andalucia now have around a 10% lead over the socialists.

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  1. Further to that, the PP’s spokesman in congress suggested that increasing the speed limit (in certain cases) to 160kmh would have a more positive effect on fuel consumption, and that the real motive behind the speed reduction was to gain revenue by catching motorists out and fining them.

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