ACEM wasting money on some bloody nonsense

From La Voz: Karin Schröter [President of Mojacar business association ACEM] has announced that her collective has contracted Lorca artist Lola Fernández Arcas to make a statue of Walt Disney which will be donated to the town of Mojácar, where she believes he could have been born. So, the Mojácar business association really does have absolutely no idea what to do other than waste money on this crap. We continue in this ridiculous vein in Continue reading ACEM wasting money on some bloody nonsense

Walkers and Talkers Club

From MACS: Walk & Talk Fun Walk. This fun walk is taking place on Sunday 10th April 2011 at 10.30am and is organised by the Walker & Talkers Club. Tickets cost 2 Euros per person. Dogs welcome at1 Euro per dog and must be kept on a lead. This event was inspired by friends and members of the club who have been supported by MACS (Mojacar Area Cancer Support).Supporters unable to attend the event have Continue reading Walkers and Talkers Club

War in Libya is becoming personal

There are many reasons to cheer for, and oppose, the Western War on Libya. I shall not enter into them, at least tonight, in a brevity that shall surprise many of my loyal readers. Instead, I shall touch upon how the War in Libya has become quite personal for me, in a way that is affecting my personal life. It seems that the the Levante of Almería is in a direct line between the US Continue reading War in Libya is becoming personal

AUAN meeting with the Junta

As the Junta clears it’s pre-election decks for battle, in the process legalising tens of thousands of homes across the region and making the owners pay for the priviledge (a scenario I predicted two years ago would happen… pat pat!), AUAN continues with the fight in order to prevent home-owners missold illegal homes from having to pay extra thousands of euros in new taxes. A press release: AUAN informs you that its President, Maura Hillen, Continue reading AUAN meeting with the Junta

If you’re thinking about buying a new fridge, now’s the time….

The Junta is running another of their plan renoves, in an attempt to a) improve the quality of our electrodomesticos and in the process reduce energy consumption, and b) get us all spending again. This time, it’s for any usual electrodomesticos (white goods) which carry the A+ energy efficiency rating. So, you go along to your usual retailer, and buy a new fridge / washing machine / ac unit [whatever]. In exchange for a number Continue reading If you’re thinking about buying a new fridge, now’s the time….

Save PAWS campaign launched

IN a  good idea, Don from Super Savers has launched – according to Spectrum FM- a “save PAWS” campaign, in which people can sign up to donate x amount of euros a month to PAWS over the next 6 months. 50€ a month is suggested. Remember, as PAWS is a registered charity, so if you’re a person the money is tax deductible (not, of course, if you are a company). Pop into Supersavers for more Continue reading Save PAWS campaign launched

PAWS “will close by the end of the month” warns President

I have been asked not to mention any of this before, but seeing as to how Karen P is now making a desperate appeal for cash on Spectrum, warning that PAWS has run out of cash, it seems fair to spread the warning that our favourite local animal charity is just a couple of weeks away from bankruptcy. It seems that PAWS Holland, which has now closed, was supporting the main charity to the tune Continue reading PAWS “will close by the end of the month” warns President

Juan Enciso confirmed as mayoral candidate for El Ejido

Despite being tried for massive theft from municipal coffers (150 million euros and counting), Juan Enciso continues to run El Ejido with a hand of terror, and has just confirmed he will be standing -for the sixth consecutive time- as Mayor in the next elections, under his PAL banner. This year will be his 20th year in office as Mayor of the striken town. His PAL party will be fielding candidates in 7 towns across Continue reading Juan Enciso confirmed as mayoral candidate for El Ejido

Roads closed for AVE explosions

The AVE works have warned that they will be cutting the motorway and the CN-340 over the next few days to allow for blasting of rocks in the way of the AVE works. They haven’t told us when, just warned us of “intermittent” five minute road blocks between 10-17 Mon-Thurs and 10-12 on Fridays. The roadblocks will be between km 514-518 on CN340 and the A7 motorway 515.5 – 521.5, next to the works. So Continue reading Roads closed for AVE explosions