Max speed limit drops to 110kph

As an “emergency measure to save fuel across Spain” the government has today decided to drop the max speed limit on motorways from 120 to 110 kph.

The measure takes effect on the 7th of March, and all next week road workers will be busy changing all the speed limit signs.


3 Replies to “Max speed limit drops to 110kph”

  1. Surely the cost involved in changing all the speed limit signs, together with all official government paperwork involved in doing this, will be greater than the fuel saving costs that they are intending to make ?

  2. It’s a ‘twofer’ actually a ‘threefer’.

    1) Road Safety measure. Lower speeds do save lives.

    2) Work creation. Last year’s town street upgrades were another.

    3) Fuel saver.

  3. No work creation involved. The only work is sticking a new sign over the old ones, it will be done by the usual road maint teams.
    And while I’ll agree that dropping inner city speed limits from 50 to 30 could save lives, dropping motorway cruising speeds from 120 to 110 won’t impact the stats.

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