Cops back at Turre fire station junction

Locals will remember that a few months ago, some bright spark in the traffic department put up a 50 sign at the junction by the Turre fire station (just before the new bridge). This 50 limit extends for aprox 500m before going back up to 80 as you hit the bridge. You can’t see the 50 sign, as you hit it coming round the corner into Turre, so unless you know it’s there and act accordingly the natural impulse is to carry on at 80 for thos 500m – as there is absolutely no reason to slow down there.

The cops quickly cottoned onto the fact that this was an ideal spot to sit with a radar gun and fine lots of people. A lot of people.

However, people in Turre don’t take kindly to this sort of thing, and a brave expeditionary force from the back roads of Turre removed the 50 sign and threw it into a nearby hedge. I assume it’s the same boys who ensure that the speed bumps in town always quickly loose some bits, allowing the careful driver or insane moped owner to veer through the gaps without slowing down or hitting the bump.

The removal seemed to stop the cops, who aren’t authorised to touch road signs, and can’t fine you if there is no sign.

Anyway, here we are a few months down the line and the road department has gotten around to fishing the (rather battered) 50 sign out of the hedge and has put it back up, with extra concrete. And, like flies to sh*t, the guardia were back that very same day fining people.

So, careful there, or at least until the gitanos find a saw to cut through the metal.

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