Cops back at Turre fire station junction

Locals will remember that a few months ago, some bright spark in the traffic department put up a 50 sign at the junction by the Turre fire station (just before the new bridge). This 50 limit extends for aprox 500m before going back up to 80 as you hit the bridge. You can’t see the 50 sign, as you hit it coming round the corner into Turre, so unless you know it’s there and act Continue reading Cops back at Turre fire station junction

Turre CCTV

Turre, a town which doesn’t believe in allowing a small thing like a 5 million euro debt (and not being able to pay small businesses their outstanding invoices) getting in the way of spending money, is happily installing CCTV throughout the town. As to whether it works, or where it goes to, these are questions that have yet to be answered.