Electric companies to tell tax office if empty houses are using juice

The Tax Office (Hacienda) is requiring the electrical companies to inform them, as from Feb, of all buildings using electricity.

The theory is that they can then run the numbers and identify which homes and offices are being rented out without the income being declared. If an address is marked as empty for fiscal purposes, but power is being used…. around goes an inspector and a large fine issued to the owned.

Utility companies must supply Hacienda with the details of the person paying the bill, the address, castastro information and amount being consumed.

Of course, you have until March to declare on your IRPF any income from rental properties, so if worried…. pay your taxes.

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  1. David, Would you tell me how the Electricity companies actually know when juice is being used. I deal with bills for a number of properties – over 50% are estimates with subsequent bills following an actual reading varying from negative to astronomical! Oh, as well, there are the properties which they forget for a few months and then send 5-6 monthly bills in the same week with only the starting reading and final reading being actuals. I am all in favour of the Hacienda taxing shirkers but I look forward to the first case they try to prove using Endesa data!!

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