Almeria airport to get illegal taxi watching station

I at first assumed the news was talking about how sad local planespotters are at the decline of traffic to LEI, better known as Almeria International Airport, and were switching to spotting illegal taxis.

However, upon re-reading the news, I spot that the watchers are actually police officers, who will be setting up in a specially built observation post to identify and catch illegal taxi drivers picking up and dropping off passengers at the airport.

Our local taxi group, having already succeeded in the installation of CCTV to catch illegal taxi drivers, has now managed to convince AENA (the airport operator) and the Local Police to setup an office, so instead of sending the fine through the post they can now catch elderly Brits dropping off their neighbours at the airport in exchange for 30€ for petrol in the act.

I wish they’d do the same at JFK…

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