Company that bought El Ejido recycling denounces old owners for massive theft

Morgan Aqua, a large recycling company that a year ago purchased from Hermanos Lirola the El Ejido recycling plant (yes, the one that’s been on fire for months), has denounced Hermanos Lirola for “massive frauds and tax theft totalling over 13 million euros”.

Morgan Aqua purchased four companies from a company owned by the three Lirola brothers (Ejido Medio Ambiente, Contendedores Lirola, Contenedores Ejido and Hermanos Lirola, all SL’s working together and owned by the same three brothers), a sale which finalised last July, just before the whole damn recycling plant caught fire. It’s been burning ever since, as millions of tons of plastic rubbish isn’t easy to extinguish, and a special fire unit has been onsite for months trying to make sure the fire burns out by itself happily.

It seems that the previous owners had been receiving vast amounts of government money to collect and dispose of all this plastic, but instead hid it all in a big pile behind the greenhouses, until it all caught fire.

Morgan Aqua now says that A) it’s not responsible for the fire, as it was still taking over the plant when it caught fire, and b) internal audits since taking over the companies show that the three brothers had been engaging in massive frauds, tax evasion and pocketing of public money, to the tune of at least 13 million euros, and has turned all the files over the Tax authorities and the Police.

Meanwhile, the fire continues and we carry coughing in the smoke. Well, not me, but Chris does, poor bugger. As if it’s not bad enough that he lives in the penthouse on the highest building in Almerimar, thus being perfectly positioned to catch the low smoke ridden breezes off the fields, he’s also a half meter taller than anyone else.

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