itoiletstand for iPads Coming in 2011

The iToiletStand – a special stand upon which you can rest your iPad whilst on the loo – is hitting the stores in the US and Europe shortly. Slightly too late for Chris Marshall’s christmas present, sadly… “Angled Stand or also called by some the itoiletstand is set to launch in 2011 to aid users of ipads, tablets and other electronic devices. The floor stand is patent pending and has an adjustable top and bottom Continue reading itoiletstand for iPads Coming in 2011

Cuidadanos Europeos (Arboleas) update

Crispin Welby sent me this update on the Cuidadanos Europeos party in Arboleas, a party of locals and expats who are organising in the village: After our founding meeting on 20 October we have elected a provisional committee, passed Statutes, got our Party recognised in Madrid, have held a second public meeting on 29 November are holding the next one on 22nd. January (3.00pm in the Restaurante Rosaleda, Albox Road, Arboleas if you have time Continue reading Cuidadanos Europeos (Arboleas) update

Coliseo restaurant, Los Gallardos

It was one of the hot January days that Almería is famous for. A mild breeze, a hot sun, not a cloud in the sky, and the thermometer reading 21ºC. Meanwhile, London is drowning and icefloes are damaging bridges along the Rhine. Wonderful. And after a hot morning spent moving office furniture, lunch was suggested and seemed like a decent sort of idea that was worth examining further. Now, a proper menu del dia must Continue reading Coliseo restaurant, Los Gallardos

Medical prescriptions in the area

A reader writes in: ————————————————————————————– I am not sure if you are aware of the change recently taken place with issue of Medical Prescriptions in this area? Until last month I was quite happy to see my GP on a regular basis to get a monthly prescription for the 7 medications that I require. (I am nearly 78 years of age and not in the best of health). On my visit in October I was Continue reading Medical prescriptions in the area

Half of Brits with property abroad would sell if they got a chance in 2011

Expansion’s Amparo Polo, in her London’s Calling blog, has unearthed a gloomy report from UK’s Knight Frank and which says that half of all Brits surveyed say they are looking at selling their expat second home this year. Reasons cited are the fall in the rental market and the weakness of the sterling against the euro, making it a good time to bring your cash back into the UK. Knight Frank estimates that in Continue reading Half of Brits with property abroad would sell if they got a chance in 2011

Marinades Restaurant; or, why one might flee from a hot January Mojacar to the UK

There are many reasons why one would chose to flee from the hot, sunny, beachbar ridden January’s of Mojácar back to the rain swept, frosty and, indeed, icy streets of the Royal County: ie, Gloucester. One might cite family ties (or, at the very least, a stern Mater who hands out addresses in the UK along with stern admonishments on how best to arrive, warnings about not making cheeky comments about levels when the elderly Continue reading Marinades Restaurant; or, why one might flee from a hot January Mojacar to the UK

Bye bye Choice FM

And so Choice FM has become fully part of the Bay Radio group, from the Costa Blanca area, with Bay Radio programming, as from 10am this morning. Bay has bought out the old Choice owners and will be using their frequencies to broadcast on. A pleasing mix of “grownup” chat by professionals and music is planned. And, as it ticks over, a full rebrand will come in, dropping the Choice FM brand in favour of Continue reading Bye bye Choice FM

The Almeria Freshwater Factory Skyscraper

Charles Butler of Ibexsalad sent me a link to this fascinating design project: The Freshwater Factory or Evolo is a water-generating skyscraper in Almeria, located along the Mediterranean coast in the south-eastern region of Spain. The Freshwater tower is assembled from bubble-shaped structures designed to desalinate the brackish water from the Mediterranean Sea into freshwater.

Expat bingo

Expats along the costas love bingo. No, I’m not kidding. Bingo along the coast is a huge, multi million euro business that is completely beneath the Spanish Authorities radar, and remains that way for as long as no Spaniard ventures into the expat bar with his or her five euro stake. But we’re not talking about quiet, sanitised bingo in large bingo halls, with comfy seats and a nice banker on hand if you win Continue reading Expat bingo

Turre election talk

Me old mate Martin sent me this through and asked me to remind everyone that unless they register to vote by the 15th you can’t. Worth a visit if you’re interested, as Martin will be able to explain (in English) exactly what you need to do to vote in May. Remember: IU is likely to get over 7% of the vote in the May elections, and those corrupt PSOE b******s are likely to be shown Continue reading Turre election talk