Elsur spent 93 million euros with “the families” in the last 5 years alone

Title says it all, really. The prosecution in the El Ejido corruption case alledges that in the last five years alone, ElSur, the municipal services company, spent some 93 million euros on contracts to companies run by the four “families” at the heart of the scam.

Seeing as to how the prosecution also claims that it has some thirty townhall workers who will testify that they once spent three month doing nothing but blatently forging invoices to account for this spend…

And yet, somehow, this chap is still in charge down there, and says he is confident that “justice will be done, and my innocence recognised in court”. He’s also playing the political card, claiming that these “wild allegations” are an attempt to destroy him in advance of May’s elections (Juan Enciso says he is looking forwards to the elections and expects to win. Thing is, he probably will).

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