Large outdoor shopping centre in Arboleas to open soon

Pedro Maria Soto, the owner of “Almería Estates” (lovely chap and I’m sure his involvement in the Operación Costurero will eventually be resolved) has confirmed that his large new outdoor shopping centre will be open within three month (mid April).

“Recinto Ferial Los Llanos”, which cost 200,000€ to develop, is, according to Pedro, an outdoor “rastrillo” (basically, an outdoor market) with some 200 stands across 6,000 square meters of land, that will be leased to individual sellers on an ongoing basis. The area has parking, a bar and restaurant, and a sporting zone.

Stands start from just 15€ a day. The idea is that people take over the stands, shoppers come and have a pleasent day browsing, whilst the kids play in the playpark, and then everyone has a nice beer afterwards. Free WiFi, 24hr security, toilets, showers, storerooms and it’s all wheelchair accesible. Pedro hopes to attract about 2,000 people a day on weekends.

7 Replies to “Large outdoor shopping centre in Arboleas to open soon”

  1. So what happens to the market at Arboleus pueblo where many traders operate legally ie they pay automonino of 300 euros per month.
    Will the new market require traders to be legal?
    If not it shouldn’t be allowed!

  2. Apples and pears. One’s a townhall regulated market, the other’s an authorised indoor marketplace

  3. Well done Pedro. Its nice to see Spanish and English working together. Albox area does need all the help it can get to offer a prosperous feel. 😉

  4. The new center is completely legal and has all legal licenses to work I think is a good solution to many problems of the users for the services it offers is great

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  6. I was wondering if anybody here has a contact number for me to be able to open a stand on this market?

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