Road safer than ever before in province

Here’s a good bit of news; road traffic accidents in the province last year were lower than at any time since 1964. Only 31 people died on Almería’s roads last year (36 in 2009).

So, whilst we moan about the cops on every junction, it does look as if they’re doing some good. I certainly feel as if people are driving better on main roads.

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  1. Per Navarro, the crazed traffic tzar, says that he won’t allow the ‘140kph’ campaign to get to Parliament and that he wants to see no deaths whatsoever on his autovias by 2020. There will be more speed traps – not on the dangerous bits, but on the safe, straight bits of Spain’s highway system. That and timed distances to keep those fines coming in. In an interview I read yesterday, he says he doesn’t think the European traffic laws go far enough!
    Spain has changed as Presidnit Zippy and his pals mistreat their subjects in ever new and colourful ways.

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