itoiletstand for iPads Coming in 2011

The iToiletStand – a special stand upon which you can rest your iPad whilst on the loo – is hitting the stores in the US and Europe shortly.

Slightly too late for Chris Marshall’s christmas present, sadly…

Angled Stand or also called by some the itoiletstand is set to launch in 2011 to aid users of ipads, tablets and other electronic devices. The floor stand is patent pending and has an adjustable top and bottom and adjustable stem where the height can be adjusted as well as putting the stand at different angles. Stay tuned to the website at or for more information on the features, pricing and dates of availability.

“A majority of people do some reading while on the toilet so we expect more reading in the future to be done over ipads™, tablets and electronic readers. This started out as the perfect hands free toilet stand. However, you might need several of these for different parts of the house whether it is next to you in bed, by the couch, next to the bath or even in the kitchen for getting recipes off the computer. There are many uses for ready musical sheet music to uses in presentations and to unique uses in hospitals. “Also if you are like me, I can’t type on the these new ipads and tablets very well for long emails so this stand is perfect if you hook up a wireless keyboard to your device. To help us grow this worldwide, we are looking for some additional investors,” says Brian Wall, developer of the stand.

Nice to see we’re coming out of the recession, if this is the sort of thing being fostered upon us for 2011.

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